Monday, December 8, 2014

Back agn, it's been awhile since I last updatet this space.
Alot of things have changed. My feelings for B faded alot. Now I don't really know if we should carry on because I simply couldn't commit.
This holiday also brought me closer to kh, or at least we are meeting more often.
We went for our first gym date at cck gym, first Kbox session, first badminton session at woodlands gym, first Orchard library date, and soon working tgt agn, starting from this Thurs. Spending time with him is just very carefree without any stress and I enjoy every minute with him.
As compared to kh, spending time with B is alot more stressful because we do not have alot to talk about, or don't have much things we could do. Besides that, he tends to cuddle me whenever we meet, so meeting him feels more of a "touchy" session to satisfy both of our needs. There are emotional connections ofc, but ya he just couldn't take his hands off me. Not that I'm angry la. I do enjoy his touches but since I like him lesser now, it just gets abit umcomfy at times. He just doesn't give me the security that kh gives me. And anyway, mum is super pleased with kh though she hasn't meet him before hahaha. 
Moving onnnnn
Started getting close with Jerome nowadays. Started aft we attended the OGL briefing tgt cos we went to watch Aloy's soccer match against VJC thereafter. He started snapchatting me, whatsapp till 2am! Still in the midst of guessing if he is really interested in me like what Nicole and B told me. 
Went out with my Gail today! Met B in the late morning to RailMall for lunch! But it was too early at like 11am. So we shared a cup of chia tea at The Coffee Bean and chit-chatted! After that, we left at arnd 12.30 and went to the "playground" behind the RailMall. We also went up to the train track for some "touching". Then we went to EAT for our lunch! Boarded 178 to JE to meet my Gail! She accompanied me to watch Mockingjay part 1 although she watched it before alrdy. It was really nice, major love!! By the time we come out, it's already 4.30pm, walked arnd and she told me abt her Shanghai Trip while we shopped at MIYOC at Jcube! Then headed to Ipuddo for her dinner. Talked abt Nicole over dinner, was really upset that I started tearing up twice because I really don't know what I can do to help her...
Really blessed to have her as my friend because she is as of now, my only true friend whom I can count on regardless what (excluding kh). So I was really upset to know that she has been hurting herself. Breaks my heart to see all the cuts on her arms. So Gail and I talked abt mental conditions like depression for a long time! Am glad to have her as my friend too, she's very good at giving advices and making me smile. :)
Home for dinner and yup, reading up on some enews, hopefully I can slp earlier tonight! 

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