Saturday, November 15, 2014


Had extra lessons as usual but ended at 11am, suoer early! B's house wasnt available so we headed to blk 152's staircase. Meant to be a hugging session only. Ofc we did hug. Went to the highest storey! Then we sat and chitchat for 30min. Windy and relaxing hehe.
Was bored at home. Sist went to her friend's dorm to stay until next Monday. Aunt went out. Dad will be working late. Mum will be going for work. So I went to zhcc with B to study! 'Study' was just an excuse ofc haha, we were both hoping there will be no one in the study room so that we could watch movie and cuddle on the couch but sadly there were ppl.
So we reached at 3.15pm and went to walk for awhile at 4.30pm cos I wanted some mcd ice cream but didnt have! So we went to  Nicole's void deck to explore the garden. Headed back at like 5pm and went out agn at 5.45pm. Went exploring the CC. And we found the eldery corner on 4th floor which was unlocked haha. We stayed inside till 7.10pm!
Sitting on the sofa with his hands on me, so comfy. Then lied down on one sofa each, facing each other, talking. Lying on his chest, his arms. Perfect. :)
Since it was raining heavily and the room was dark, ofc he hugged me alot, touching everywhere. :p
Wasnt enough for him so when we were heading back to the study room for our bags, we decided to go to the 5th storey's staircase. Always loves how he hugs me, tightly and touching everywhere, turns me on. :p he told me he would get an erection sometimes so I always wonder if I feel anything touching me down there whenever we hug.
Sat down to talk but a cleaner walked past, no choice but had to go. ><
Loves his touches. :p

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