Thursday, December 18, 2014

YAY countdown, 2 more days to end of work!! Today worked from 1-6pm! Woke up early and had lunch with the sister at Redhill Hawker centre, famous chicken rice! Then ya fold clothes, stocked up and time passes very quickly! Rained when we were going home, so had to share my umbrella with kh! Ofc he is the one holding the umbrella haha, hands on my shoulders! He did smth so awkwardddd.
Like we were walking but his hands will always brush against my butt cos walking what! Then I scolded him for taking the chance to touch my butt haha, then he really hit my butt, in purpose wtf?!?! Haha then we were both laughing ridiculously cos I deesiao him with that.
Then MRT was super crowded and I had nth to hold on, so we were playing with our hands tgt. Hold his pinky so that I wont fall haha, then he held my whole hand and we kept playing with our fingers. Lied on his shoulders too, hehe comfy and the height is just nice. Really super sweet, just like how a couple would behave! Then on the train to cck, we were playing with each other's waist haha and crapped alot abt physical stuffs. People arnd us were judging, so paiseh. >< But hehe, truly felt very blessed and happy, really different from how I feel when Bryan touches me.
Gonna have breakfast with him tmrw, hehe looking forward to it! :)

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