Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Yay work ended well! On sunday, 21/12, I went plaza for 18chef for dinner with aunt and sist, super nice!! Then headed home! Skyped kh at night hehe!
Monday went to fetch parents from airport back! But met kh in the morning at westspring cos he accompanied his cousin for registration! Talked to Miss Chang for 30min hehe still my fav teacher! Then we went to senjacashew cc for badminton, but they did not have suitable timing for the courts! So we went to blk 545 outdoor place to play! Played like 15min only cos shuttlecock too annoying HAHA. Then we sat down to chitchat for awhile, played with each other's fingers haha, tickling each other. Perfect slacking. :p then we walked to plaza for 18chefs! Super cheap, less than $6!!! Cheese baked rice for the first time, major love!! Then headed home to slp before heading to airport in the evening!
Tuesday, 23/12
Met kh at 11.45am at 163 for kkm! Wore the grey bossini shirt but he didnt wear, abit upset but it's okay! Cos the top was body fitting but loose on me, so it accentuated my boobs but quite low cut, so he was looking at them throughout the day haha, makes me shy. >< but hehe glad that he likes to see them, must impress with my figure more. :p then we took 960 aft lunch to bugis! Playing with our fingers secretly while sitting down and crossing arms haha.
Then we switched to mrt at bugis to expo! People were judging us in the mrt too cos I tried to use my finger to tickle him, laughing away madly!! Then we walked arnd expo, nth much! Didn't manage to get my usb wire cos my phone abit sot. But we found the mercury portable charger, major love!!!! <3 but didnt buy la. Then we walked from hall 5 to hall 1 to foyer for dbs atm machine haha! Held hands all the way hehe. Then the foyer 1 was super empty with couch. Like literally only security guards were thr. So we sat thr tickling each other, getting all physical. >< then I chained his hands with my bag, and let him suffer with my ticklings HAHA. He was turned on. :p then we walked to changi city point and sat in front of KOI while he ate, being all loveydovey physically haha! Then explored and found the arena, super nice cos quite windy and like green! Got swings somemore but were all taken!!! So we sat at one corner while talking dirty HAHA. Talking abt turning on. Then he touched my inner thighs, trying to make me turn on. >< he did it la, for the first time I really felt smth down thr. >< then on the bus back, he was trying to touch my inner thighs too, still put his hands in between my thighs for warmth HAHA. First time someone actually touched my thighs, so sensitive. >< then I fell asleep on his shoulders on 960!!
Basically whole day was just being physical with each other la. >< then skyped from 10.30pm to just now, like 12.10am! Before that we were texting, the whole conver was abt xiaohill and turning on each other HAHA so shy. Really love him la, qtpie. :p but I really enjoy his touches la, want him to touch more hehe, but he's quite shy so we have to slowly too, cos idw our basis of r/s to be abt physical too!
Hehe 2 more days till I see him for work, excited, cannot wait!! Hehe goodnight!

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