Friday, February 21, 2014


Actual lessons have alrdy began a week ago. So far so good, just that I have to get used to the lecture style of teaching! My class is getting quite bonded and I really truly love my class except for a minority of ppl! :) Adli baked cookies on Vday for the class, nice to eat and sweet hehe. ^^ Bryan gave us a stalk of rose each too! Glenna prepared sweets and chocolate! How sweet can my classmates be!! ^^ New transferred student joined our class ytd, dont really fancy her...I have been enjoying all my lectures thus fun, esp econs! :) Hope everything goes smoothly! Went to queenstown today with mummy! She bought a pair of Nike shoes while I bought 2 fbts, 5pairs of sock and clay mask! Hope that the clay mask works for me considering the rave abt it! :) mum also bought me my jansport bag and 2 pair of rubi shoes previously! Loving and cherishing everything and everyone in my life so far, so blessed!! :) Nicole and rachel are good company of friends in sch, enjoy their presence! To more fun experiences and journey along the 2 years of jc life hehe. :D will update this space agn soon!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New school, new beginning.

School has officially started as of 6feb. Reported at 7.30am with Melissa and was posted to MG32. Awkward with absolutely no one that I know of in the group. Had talks almost the entire day with some intro and ice breaking games within the group. Matriculation day 2, familiarized with ppl in my grp but still no actual conversations. >< went for intro lectures of various subjects as well as school tour. Oh and learning some of the pj cheers. :) ended the day well! Tmr will be matriculation day 3 with more bonding session and CCA day as well! Hoping to join a cca which can change my personality a little...throughout these 2 days, I have came to like pj! The J2s and my MGLs are friendly and helpful. Pj spirit is also thr, so bonded as a whole! Everyone seems to be happy and cheerful! So I hope on Wednesday when in the orientation group, im able to make friends with several ppl and enjoy my JC life! :) I wish to record every bits of my jc life, esp the beginning so that I can recall go see how I have made friends with my future best friends! Back for more updates next weekend! ^^

Sunday, February 2, 2014

CNY 2014

Back with another post! It's currently 12.35am on 3feb! Cny day 1 and 2 are usual visiting and day 3 was spent at our house! Chatted for so long with huanran on day2 at 4th aunt's house and we continued a short talk today! He's really sociable and friendly, helpful and mature. Really hope to be as sociable as him in JC and open up to many new ppl, making new friends! :) enjoyable talk! Hope we can catch up very soon! Posting results is releasing on 5thfeb and school starts officially on 6thFeb with orientation and all. Haven prepare myself yet. >< that's if for now hehe!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

After Os

Back again to pen down my thoughts, thought it would be good to let me recall events in future when I'm reading this blog. :)
Os came and passed quickly, alrdy forgotten how the papers were in terms of difficulty level. In fact I have just received my Os results on 13th Jan 2014! Before I mention anything abt that, I worked in zhps with kh, jinhuey at the school bookshop! Enjoyable and fun, as of now I'm unemployed haha! Spend almost 3/4 of my holidays with kh I think! :)
On the day of releasing Os results, I went home immediately aft I received mine without even looking at it in school. Was really nervous to look at it at home. Results was 4B3, 1A1 and 2A2s with a raw point of 14 for L1R5. Was satisfied with my results but disappointed with Combined humanities...but it's okay! :) decided to go to PJC aft visiting the open house with kh! Went back to wsss with him to consult Miss Chang abt JC lit..quite a worth consultation because I take away with a few conclusions! Miss Chang was really kind enough to share her viewpoints with me, giving me opinions. She also introduced her friend Nicholas to us, who's currently a relief teacher in WSSS! He shared his experience too on H2 econs and lit! So ending the post with my decision of H2 econs lit and history with H1math! :) submitting my JAE tmr and really hope my JC life and studies can go on smoothly! :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Os worries.

New post up again! :) Short one will do! Aft tuition today, I went home to have mahjong sessions with  Franklin. Aftermath, we went down to have zichar with Frank, his mum, Huan Ran with his dad and brother! Had a good chat aft dinner with Huan Ran abt JC/army/schl life. :) He also coached me some AM topics for 1 hour! He's very sociable and easy to approach, making it easier for me to talk with him though we have a 6-7 years gap! I like how sociable he can be, and his maturity! If only I could be this sociable... I would have more friends now. >< Yup, so the point here is that I really hope and want to get As for both of maths. Hoping that all my hard work will pay off by prelim 2, latest? >< Really have no confidence now. /: Last final 2-3 months, and I'm ready to embark on the O's journey!!! Nervous and afraid. Fightinggggggggg. :D

Friday, June 14, 2013

June Holidays! :)

Yay, I'm back again! ;) Having the urge to blog agn because many good things have been happening to me this few weeks. So I thought that it would be better for me to pen them down, in case my memory fails me, like always. :x Hmm, so whr shld I start. Probably on my birthday? Prior to that, I'm busy with MT intensive and having my MT Os exam, which was err, difficult. So yep. On 5th June, I had science remedials and aft which, I walked to plaza with tigger. Since it was my birthday, I wanted to eat btr, so bought pizza. While waiting for it, we went to the roof garden where he passed me my birthday present. Totally shocked cos I didn't expect any present. Moreover, it's in a nice mustard yellow colour box. Packaging is very impt to me, so I'm shocked and surprised. >< Urm, so aft opening the box at home, I'm even more shocked and touched. Inside contains a baby piglet, one self-folded heart-shaped flowers and one keychain with my name! I like the whole thing basically, especially the packaging! ^^ So I want to thank him for putting so much effort in preparing this present, truly appreciated it!! :) Next up. I went out with Melissa on 8th June. It's been really long since I last met up with her. We've had a very good chat! We went to the family flea at bukit timah and aft which, we went over to Scape for flea. Found a shop in Scape which sells 15$ highwaisted shorts only, tempted to buy. x.x But I didn't in the end! >< Enjoyed this trip cos we catch up alot. :D Nextnext, which is today! 14th June. Arranged to meet up with Darrell, JA and Charmane! Like aft so long, we finally met up! ^^ Both of the guys surprised me with a pandan cake when Char and I reached JP! Touched, even if it's just a simple pandan cake. Esp when my birthday had alrdy been over for so long, and that we did not meet up oftently. Yet, they put in the effort to celebrate for me, srsly speechless of these friends. Just blessed to have known them and form this friendship!! <3 We went to buy movie tickets for "Now you see me" and had our lunch at Burger King! JA was being all gentleman and offered to help me queue and buy my lunch! :) Aft which, Dar and Char surprised me with the second cake, from the icing room which they've made it themselves. Was really shocked! Felt reallllllly happy at that time!!! And we went to watch our movie, ending the day off with coffees in The Coffee Bean! :) Oh, and they passed me my birthday present at the end of the day, which was the 3rd surprise of the day! We took a group photo too! :D Aftermath, me JA and Char took bus 180 back while Dar went for his tuition! Char alighted aft phoneix to take bus 67! Erm, awkward for me and JA. >< But he's making efforts to make it less awkward, which I truly appreciated! :) Always being gentleman and thoughtful to ppl arnd him, his character! :) He walked me home while trying to break the awkward silence between us by keeping the conver continue. No matter what, he's still the only guy which I have never ever regretted knowing of, and will always remain my best guy friend, though we seldom contact each other! :) Yup, that's all for now! Hopefully I will be coming back agn soon? :D While I do my practises for AM this holiday! ^^

Monday, January 7, 2013


Long time since I updated! Hasn't really gotten used to updating oftently. Moreover, I've got no time recently. :( Currently, it's the fourth day of schl since reopening. I'm feeling deadbeat from all the lessons everyday..Hmwrk is piling up every now and then, kinda afraid that I'm not able to cope with the stress and all. >< Really wonder how I'm going to take it till term 3 when it's only week 1 now. :x I guess I just have to accept it and do my best for the next 9months or so? :) Oh and anyway, I went to LEGOLAND in Malaysia ytd with Aihui, Angeline, Frank, Ben and 4th aunt! The sun's thr is like freaking hot, like srsly scorching hot. I'm burnt by the sun now!! >< Not very fun though, just a place worth taking photos! That's abt it now! Shall be back soon with the update of SP open house tmrw and more. :D