Thursday, December 18, 2014

YAY countdown, 2 more days to end of work!! Today worked from 1-6pm! Woke up early and had lunch with the sister at Redhill Hawker centre, famous chicken rice! Then ya fold clothes, stocked up and time passes very quickly! Rained when we were going home, so had to share my umbrella with kh! Ofc he is the one holding the umbrella haha, hands on my shoulders! He did smth so awkwardddd.
Like we were walking but his hands will always brush against my butt cos walking what! Then I scolded him for taking the chance to touch my butt haha, then he really hit my butt, in purpose wtf?!?! Haha then we were both laughing ridiculously cos I deesiao him with that.
Then MRT was super crowded and I had nth to hold on, so we were playing with our hands tgt. Hold his pinky so that I wont fall haha, then he held my whole hand and we kept playing with our fingers. Lied on his shoulders too, hehe comfy and the height is just nice. Really super sweet, just like how a couple would behave! Then on the train to cck, we were playing with each other's waist haha and crapped alot abt physical stuffs. People arnd us were judging, so paiseh. >< But hehe, truly felt very blessed and happy, really different from how I feel when Bryan touches me.
Gonna have breakfast with him tmrw, hehe looking forward to it! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So long didnt update here!
Dec holidays are very fulfilling hehe. Slack for first week of dec hol! Then start going redhill to work for bossini warehouse sales on the 11th! With kh ofc!! He will accompany me home everyday aft work hehe although taking 184 is inconvenient for him cos still has to change 963 then 964!
Getting really really close during these working days too cos we see each other from morning to night! Emotionally and physically! He ah, now starting to get touchy! While folding clothes, he will walk over and put his arm arnd my waist or just shoulder. Abit not used to it haha!
Ended everything with B, cannot stand his clinginess because it's really getting overboard. He insists in continuing just because of all the physical touch that I can satisfy him with. He doesnt sven treat me nicely. We will never ever get back tgt agn.
The closer I get with kh, the more im afraid to lose him...he is really close with eshir and tbh, I really hate it. The fact that he intiates to text her and not me...the fact that he can put all those emoji even aft I told him I dont like it. So he is willing to make me unhappy just to please her...
Although this 10 days, he is trying his best to not text her, distancing himself away from her. But I clearly know it's impossible. Once schl reopens, everything goes back to how it was and supposed to be next year. This 10 days is just a temporary commitment. I'm trying my best to trust him...
Today was his off day so I work alone! Meet him at JE cos he wants to accompany me for dinner! Went to eat hot tomato at westgate, first dinner in a restaurant tgt hehehe. Then walked arnd and mrt home! Haha, he always tries to tickle me now when we are on the escalator cos he knows that is my weak spot. ><
Tmrw will be working from 1-6pm yay! Shall sleep soon, so tired from work!!!!
Looking forward to the rest of dec hol cos we will be spending alot of time tgt aft bossini work ends! ^^

Monday, December 8, 2014

Back agn, it's been awhile since I last updatet this space.
Alot of things have changed. My feelings for B faded alot. Now I don't really know if we should carry on because I simply couldn't commit.
This holiday also brought me closer to kh, or at least we are meeting more often.
We went for our first gym date at cck gym, first Kbox session, first badminton session at woodlands gym, first Orchard library date, and soon working tgt agn, starting from this Thurs. Spending time with him is just very carefree without any stress and I enjoy every minute with him.
As compared to kh, spending time with B is alot more stressful because we do not have alot to talk about, or don't have much things we could do. Besides that, he tends to cuddle me whenever we meet, so meeting him feels more of a "touchy" session to satisfy both of our needs. There are emotional connections ofc, but ya he just couldn't take his hands off me. Not that I'm angry la. I do enjoy his touches but since I like him lesser now, it just gets abit umcomfy at times. He just doesn't give me the security that kh gives me. And anyway, mum is super pleased with kh though she hasn't meet him before hahaha. 
Moving onnnnn
Started getting close with Jerome nowadays. Started aft we attended the OGL briefing tgt cos we went to watch Aloy's soccer match against VJC thereafter. He started snapchatting me, whatsapp till 2am! Still in the midst of guessing if he is really interested in me like what Nicole and B told me. 
Went out with my Gail today! Met B in the late morning to RailMall for lunch! But it was too early at like 11am. So we shared a cup of chia tea at The Coffee Bean and chit-chatted! After that, we left at arnd 12.30 and went to the "playground" behind the RailMall. We also went up to the train track for some "touching". Then we went to EAT for our lunch! Boarded 178 to JE to meet my Gail! She accompanied me to watch Mockingjay part 1 although she watched it before alrdy. It was really nice, major love!! By the time we come out, it's already 4.30pm, walked arnd and she told me abt her Shanghai Trip while we shopped at MIYOC at Jcube! Then headed to Ipuddo for her dinner. Talked abt Nicole over dinner, was really upset that I started tearing up twice because I really don't know what I can do to help her...
Really blessed to have her as my friend because she is as of now, my only true friend whom I can count on regardless what (excluding kh). So I was really upset to know that she has been hurting herself. Breaks my heart to see all the cuts on her arms. So Gail and I talked abt mental conditions like depression for a long time! Am glad to have her as my friend too, she's very good at giving advices and making me smile. :)
Home for dinner and yup, reading up on some enews, hopefully I can slp earlier tonight! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Had extra lessons as usual but ended at 11am, suoer early! B's house wasnt available so we headed to blk 152's staircase. Meant to be a hugging session only. Ofc we did hug. Went to the highest storey! Then we sat and chitchat for 30min. Windy and relaxing hehe.
Was bored at home. Sist went to her friend's dorm to stay until next Monday. Aunt went out. Dad will be working late. Mum will be going for work. So I went to zhcc with B to study! 'Study' was just an excuse ofc haha, we were both hoping there will be no one in the study room so that we could watch movie and cuddle on the couch but sadly there were ppl.
So we reached at 3.15pm and went to walk for awhile at 4.30pm cos I wanted some mcd ice cream but didnt have! So we went to  Nicole's void deck to explore the garden. Headed back at like 5pm and went out agn at 5.45pm. Went exploring the CC. And we found the eldery corner on 4th floor which was unlocked haha. We stayed inside till 7.10pm!
Sitting on the sofa with his hands on me, so comfy. Then lied down on one sofa each, facing each other, talking. Lying on his chest, his arms. Perfect. :)
Since it was raining heavily and the room was dark, ofc he hugged me alot, touching everywhere. :p
Wasnt enough for him so when we were heading back to the study room for our bags, we decided to go to the 5th storey's staircase. Always loves how he hugs me, tightly and touching everywhere, turns me on. :p he told me he would get an erection sometimes so I always wonder if I feel anything touching me down there whenever we hug.
Sat down to talk but a cleaner walked past, no choice but had to go. ><
Loves his touches. :p

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Extended curriculum

Extended curriculum has been ongoing for the past 3 days. Quite boring! Only econs is helpful! Had my OGL meeting ytd, screwed it up. Hoping that I will still get in, *fingers crossed. :(
Pon this morning's first lecture: GP.
But still woke up at 7.30am and headed to B's house! Abit unusual cos this is the first time im in his house at such early timing.
Slacked and cuddled on his sofa while watching his YouTube videos! Cuddling wasn't what I have expected, or maybe not to his expectations too haha. Alot of awkward positions. >< but ok la lied on his lap with a pillow on top.
Towards the end was better cos I think that he is quite disappointed for wasting so much time. Like from 8-9.30am he didnt get to touch me alot. So like the last half hour he couldn't take it anymore.
Hold me at my waist while I was tying hair. Pulled me and sat on his lap on the sofa while I was wearing skirt.
Sat behind me on the sofa, like literally me in between his legs, awkward. ><
Hope these turned him on. :p but still, shld have more cuddling sessions cos we both love it but he doesnt know I love it, so I shld initiate more haha!
But still was hoping to go his house tmrw aft 11am, but his grandma will be going his house, sad. :(

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Way past midnight, it's 9nov now!
So 7nov, went back to schl at 9am to submit I&R. Dismissed at 9.45, way too early. So went home to bathe and rest for awhile while meghana, gail and nicole went to B's house to slack! I went thr at 11.45am, watched OITNB with Nicole. Nicole and I went to 163 to have my lunch before heading to plaza! Met them and went back to schl for results.
Did expect Nicole to retain but when it  really happens, is another feeling all tgt...
Nicole, fatin, syafiqah, salina.
The 4 in our class who played a role in creating 14A06, love them so much.
Cried alot in schl, couldn't bear to let Nicole retain...
The only friendship that I've became so emotionally attached to. My pillar support. My happy pill.
Went home and packed my tables. Shifted my bed. Went to meet B aft dinner for a walk. Weather was good because it just rained. Drizzled a little when we start walking. So we left his condo and went to blk 152+ to sit and talk for awhile. Decided to walk agn since the weather was good. Cos it was drizzling so it was very quiet and dark. Walked arnd the blocks, past the 7-11. To the stairs leading to ten mile. Since there werent ppl arnd, we hugged, quite long.He carried me haha!
Once he start touching me, everything goes haywire. ><
While walking home, we stopped at blk 148 stairs to hug agn. I thought he was done just now. But no haha. So we continued hugging. This time round was really the most intense. Because his hands was all over my body. While hugging, he did ask me if he was too touchy. Touching me too much or too many times. I said it was fine. I enjoyed him touching me haha. He slide his hands all over my back while tightening his grip on my waist. Touched my arms and hands.
Ofc we must end it off with his fav backhug.
Everytime he touches me, I am turned on. I really do like him touching me. Everywhere. The more the better. The longer the better. Just exceptionally likes it on my waist. I want him to caress me more. I should probably touch him more to let him know that I like it, if not he wouldnt dare to touch me too, haha!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another update!

No school today and tmrw cos no OP!
Did abit of I&R before heading to Gail's house at 2.30pm!
Reached at 3pm and started playing Dance Central, played with emma. Left her house for Hot Tomato at cwp at arnd 6.30pm! Took the bus at 8.20pm sharp. Alighted a stop before the usual one to take a walk with B. Walked towards bpps that route to near Gate A. With our hands holded. I feel blessed and happy now. :)
Silent night, wet floor. We tested hugging too. He lifted me up which doesnt work haha! As usual, we walked to HDB stairs to hug, but a woman walked past so we had to stop. We walked to blk 148 and climbed up to a story higher whr nobody is able to walk past and judge us. We hugged intensely. His hands arnd my waist, simply love that feeling. It turns me on tbh, even now that I think abt it. As usual, he doesnt want to let me go. He said he could feel my heartbeat, beating very fast. He still loves backhugs the most cos aft hugging, he gave me a backhug, kissed me on by neck. I love backhugs cos his hands are totally wraped arnd my waist. Wanted to take a photo but too hard. So forget it. Aft we are done, we went separate ways back home!
He's turning me into a "touchy" person. Honestly speaking, I want him to hug me aft ytd's hug. I just like him to touch me, esp waist. Staircase hugging isnt a bad thing cos although is secretive, that secretive makes me feel even more turned on. But I hate that we couldnt hug properly and had to rush. Just wanna sit down and cuddle with him. For a long long time. Without feeling stress. Just want him to continue touching me. ><
And I'm hoping to turn him on whenever we hug. :p