Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So long didnt update here!
Dec holidays are very fulfilling hehe. Slack for first week of dec hol! Then start going redhill to work for bossini warehouse sales on the 11th! With kh ofc!! He will accompany me home everyday aft work hehe although taking 184 is inconvenient for him cos still has to change 963 then 964!
Getting really really close during these working days too cos we see each other from morning to night! Emotionally and physically! He ah, now starting to get touchy! While folding clothes, he will walk over and put his arm arnd my waist or just shoulder. Abit not used to it haha!
Ended everything with B, cannot stand his clinginess because it's really getting overboard. He insists in continuing just because of all the physical touch that I can satisfy him with. He doesnt sven treat me nicely. We will never ever get back tgt agn.
The closer I get with kh, the more im afraid to lose him...he is really close with eshir and tbh, I really hate it. The fact that he intiates to text her and not me...the fact that he can put all those emoji even aft I told him I dont like it. So he is willing to make me unhappy just to please her...
Although this 10 days, he is trying his best to not text her, distancing himself away from her. But I clearly know it's impossible. Once schl reopens, everything goes back to how it was and supposed to be next year. This 10 days is just a temporary commitment. I'm trying my best to trust him...
Today was his off day so I work alone! Meet him at JE cos he wants to accompany me for dinner! Went to eat hot tomato at westgate, first dinner in a restaurant tgt hehehe. Then walked arnd and mrt home! Haha, he always tries to tickle me now when we are on the escalator cos he knows that is my weak spot. ><
Tmrw will be working from 1-6pm yay! Shall sleep soon, so tired from work!!!!
Looking forward to the rest of dec hol cos we will be spending alot of time tgt aft bossini work ends! ^^

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