Saturday, November 24, 2012


Bitch pls, I really wonder why do you exist in the world. Srsly, though this sounds really bad, but to you, such a bitch, it is really considered humane for me to say such words. You think you very big?! Why must our family suffer because of you? Why do I need to tolerate your nonsense? Why do my mum have to serve the 3 of you, or rather 2 like a maid? No, maid is the wrong term. Maid does get their monthly pay and rest. But my mum? No pay nor rest for the whole entire year. Wtf is this logic? All your dad does is to go out work, come back eat and slp. Doesn't even help to iron all the clothes. Hello? 3/4 of the clothes that require ironing belongs to you and your freaking dad. What's more? My mum serves the two of you until this manner alrdy. How do your repay us? By complaining over and over agn. If you really want to study in peace, then jolly well leave by yourself with your stupid dad. Don't live with us pls. I don't fucking own you a living. We don't need the fucking house of yours. You think you rich very big? We have our own house. Pls be reminded that the one who suggested to live tgt is your dad. Pls get the facts right into your fucking ass brain. Don't fucking bully us. We don't say anything and tolerate for this 3 years doesn't mean we are scared of you. Fucking bitch. You don't even belong to the bitch category. At least dogs are useful and loyal to humans. You? Not even a least bit useful to the Earth. -.- Waste all my energy to type all this shit for you. FUCKER.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A fresh beginning. :)

Hiiii, I'm back on blogger! I've decided to blog as frequently as I can whenever possible because I think this is a good platform for me to pen down all my thoughts and keep them as a memory to myself. :) Oh, and it helps in improving my writing skills too, hehe! Hmm, so I just came back from Genting like 3 hours ago. Such tiring bus journey. x.x Nonetheless, 3 days in Genting had been fruitful, not that I've bought anything back(except for a bracelet), but I spend quality time thr with Mum! And it is really a break from Singapore whr the pace thr is slow and relaxing! ^^ Although 2012 has yet to be over, I'm alrdy looking forward to my Bangkok trip next year(yet to be confirmed)! Hopefully mum will keep her promise and nth goes wrong..Reaaaaaallllyyyyyyy pray hard that I can go next year aft my Os! Wanna go thr and shop till I go mad. In desperate need to fulfill and satisfy my needs of more shirts, shorts, shoes, bags and accessories. :( Have been really hard to control the urge to buy stuffs online since I always have the habit of blogshopping. >< Anyway, moving away from shopping, I'm kinda worried for my Os next year alrdy, too stressed out(?). :x Shall improve in both my EM and AM to sustain an A2, or at least a B3. Are my hopes too high? >< Alrightttt, shall end here, hehe! Hope blogging will become a habit and hobby of mine yea? :> Goodnighty, xoxo.