Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Back for another update!
Omg, my and kh really progressing too fast. >< We have been sexting each other since ytd night, omg, so shy. Like this is the first time a guy talked so much sexual stuff with me before, even more than Bryan!!!! Then the whole conver on 24/12 were abt masturbation, erection, turn-ons. >< I send him a photo of my legs then he became turned on, then continue sending diff angles one HAHA.
Then we skyped from 8+ till now like 12+am alrdy, literally phone sex ok. >< Then I got wet, omg so embarrassing. >< Waiting for my sister to sleep first so that I can skype him later in my tight tank top with his desired pose HAHA. We both admitted to each other that we were enjoying this sexting/phone sex thing cos it really satisfies our desires, so I guess it's fine? Cos we are just curious about each other hahaha, and he really said that he dares to rub me if I allow him to. Omg, I really feel like letting him rub me but it really feels wrong and awkward.... but I really think when the mood comes, we will do things to each other. Actually, I find it okay cos is just exploring each other, as long as we don't fuck each other, the rest shld be fine. Plus I trust that he loves me alot too, so is natural for him to have those desires. :) Hehe, just wanna turn him on now!!!!!

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