Friday, December 26, 2014

Omgomg, me and kh is progressing like way too fast. Have been skyping him every night now, then video calling plus sexting like for a full day. >< Even video call to turn him on, wear sexy clothes hahaha. And omg, first phone sex till like 5am in the morning, trying to masturbate together. In the end failed cos took too long. Then we had our second phone sex ytd night like at 12am. Initiated by me haha! Success cos I was in the mood and I moaned a few times which turned him super on, so he reached orgasm at a shorter time and feel damn shiok. ><
Saw each other for bookshop work today, then he kept thinking about my moans hahaha. Then touch me everywhere secretly when we are working. ><
Then we waited for the double decker bus 190 for damn long cos we want privacy. Then while waiting at the bus stop, his naughty hands are at work agn, makes me so turned on. >< then while on the bus, we sat at the furthest back of the seat, continue turning each other on. He kept touching my stomach haha, then up my thighs near my xiaola. >< Then I tried running my fingers down his inner thighs and both of us throughout the journey was just giving each other pleasure hahaha. Then we went to somerset 313 to settle my phone, no solution damn sad. Then we went to Digital Funan Mall, every escalator he will wrap his arms arnd my stomach, so comfy and major turn on. >< Then we ya basically just physical as much as we could.
Went to somerset for EAT as dinner! Then KOI then waited for double decker 700/190 but dont have so we took double decker 972. But wtf somebody sat the furthest back seat so we damn pissed, no privacy. >< But he secretly touching my stomach all over and side thighs near the entrance of my shorts. >< He knew all my weak spots so is like every touch is targetted to make me feel turn on...then wtf things go haywire when the guy behind alighted. He literally rubbed me, at first through my shorts, but he went craycray and went into my shorts.... and at first my legs were still crossed, but I opened it slightly for his hands to enter aft that...then even requested him to go faster and he really went super fast, I even guide him to go which direction, up/down/left/right more. >< Then he was also super turned on but I couldnt give him pleasure... just putting my hands near his xiaohill hahaha. >< then he started to grab my boobs too, like really touching and slight massage. >< feels super turned on wtf. Then both of us really cannot take it. ><
Having kbox date with him aft work tmrw cos we wanna have some privacy. :p

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