Thursday, January 1, 2015


First day of 2015! Started it right, sweet and feeling blessed.
Slack at home for the whole mid day and went out to cwp to meet kh at 5.15pm! Need to collect my otee from him for tmrw ogl camp! So we settled my mum's ezlink card first then headed to pastamania for dinner! He had some salmon cheesy thingy and I had my chicken Bolognese! Not as nice as lotone! Then we went to ask abt soup restaurant for my family's reunion dinner! Aft which we went to buy GC peach green tea 30% sugar with umisushi! Boarded 856 to woodlands waterway! Super crowded haga probably cos it's new year! Caught the sunset tgt, feeling super sweet as we took photos! By then it was arnd 7pm! So we walked uphill to the highest point and settled on our mat! The weather was ultra windy and cooling, with the sun setting down. Nice scenery too. Everything was so perfect. I was held in his arms, enjoying the breeze and scenery. Talked, ate and played with each other! Took alot of photos hahaha!!! We need a selfie stick. :p then as the night gets darker at arnd 7.30ish he started rubbing me la, the feeling was damn shiok haha while I helped him with xiaohill too! Then we witnessed a random firework from malaysia. It was so pretty and amazing to witness a firework with him. It was so perfect... I was feeling so blessed at that moment. Aft fireworks we continued having pleasure till arnd 8.15pm and we left! Board 856 back to cwp and boarded 963 home hehe! Just skyped him and settled our pencil cases at elastichairtiessss!
Ogl camp tmrw till sunday before I can meet him!!! Gonna miss him so much. :(
I love you. :)