Wednesday, January 15, 2014

After Os

Back again to pen down my thoughts, thought it would be good to let me recall events in future when I'm reading this blog. :)
Os came and passed quickly, alrdy forgotten how the papers were in terms of difficulty level. In fact I have just received my Os results on 13th Jan 2014! Before I mention anything abt that, I worked in zhps with kh, jinhuey at the school bookshop! Enjoyable and fun, as of now I'm unemployed haha! Spend almost 3/4 of my holidays with kh I think! :)
On the day of releasing Os results, I went home immediately aft I received mine without even looking at it in school. Was really nervous to look at it at home. Results was 4B3, 1A1 and 2A2s with a raw point of 14 for L1R5. Was satisfied with my results but disappointed with Combined humanities...but it's okay! :) decided to go to PJC aft visiting the open house with kh! Went back to wsss with him to consult Miss Chang abt JC lit..quite a worth consultation because I take away with a few conclusions! Miss Chang was really kind enough to share her viewpoints with me, giving me opinions. She also introduced her friend Nicholas to us, who's currently a relief teacher in WSSS! He shared his experience too on H2 econs and lit! So ending the post with my decision of H2 econs lit and history with H1math! :) submitting my JAE tmr and really hope my JC life and studies can go on smoothly! :)