Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Double happiness!

Spent 26,27,29 and 30 dec working at the bookshop with kh! 27th was additionally happy because we went kbox at 10mile for an hour! We bascially booked the room to give each other pleasure during that one hour, not even singing haha! That was an intense rubbing session. :p
Then for 29th and 30th we went to Somerset313 to settle my charging dock problem!
Today is the last day of 2014 and it concludes the whole year. It is a well-spent day with kh arnd Punggol!
We met at 10.10am at cwp, boarded 161 to Sengkang station because we decided to go Somerset313 to settle my charging dock problem! Then we headed to the curry restaurant opposite KOI at basement for lunch, quite nice hehe! Then we took the train all the way to punggol station! And took the lrt to Damai station! Walked to Punggol waterway park! We settled at the shelter but realized we didnt buy drinks and it was 1.45pm by then! So we walked back to opposite Damai lrt station and bought 1L greentea, a bottle of mineral water and 2 Ruffles chips! Walked back and decided to continue walking to see the scenery! We walked and walked till we reached Sunset bridge but it wasnt as pretty as what we had thought. Besides that, there wasnt a less crowded place to lay our mat, so we had to walk all the way back to Damai station because we decided to head to Punggol beach! By then, we were alrdy tired as fuck cos it was a like 2-3km route!!! Reached Punggol beach at like 4.30pm I guess! Then we explored abit! Quite pretty but there were alot of ppl! Settled at the end of the nature walk but there were like 5-6 stray dogs roaming arnd, so we decided to shift to the start of the beach, at the jetty! Wanted to catch the sunset tgt, but estimated time was 7.09pm which was quite late because we wanted to go back to the first place we settled down at Punggol waterway park. So we headed to board bus 84 back to opposite Damai station to buy our dinner! Then walked back to the shelter area but realized there were people! So we went uphill and settled down under a tree at 6.10pm sharp! Talked, touchtouch and played funrun tgt! Time passed super quickly haha! Then this time round he really rubbed me correctly because he was gentle and slow enough. Quite turned on! >< Then when the night starts to get darker like arnd 6.50pm, we started to get more intense. He was rubbing me until I couldn't let him stop cos the feeling was damn strong. But we stopped for a moment because there were people haha so we decided to have our packed charsiew rice for dinner! Aft im done eating, he asked me to turn arnd to face him. And he popped out with a ring which im wearing it on my hand now hehe. I was damn shocked so I did not express my feelings out haha trying to process!! then aft which I told him I craycray for his rub haha, so he rubbed me agn cos it was my first time saying I need it. >< Then helped him with his xiaohill also haha! Then we decided to go off since it was alrdy 8pm! Super tired by then! But I started tearing and crying when we came out of SengKang mrt station cos I was super upset that we couldnt have more time tgt aft today...Then I cried alot haha, xiasuey. >< But I really know he loves me alot now, and I love him alot too, might not be as much as his love for him. But I promise to be loyal to him because I really want us to work out. :) Then bus back to cwp on 161! Went to cwp for toilet and met his friend otw haha, so funny! Then we parted ways when 963 came! So here im, bathed and penning down the whole day!
It is a really memorable and meaningful day today. He makes me feel really really loved and he pampers me alot which made me feel very blessed. :) I will really try and make time out for him aft schl reopens. I know is hard because we have to juggle between distance and studies at the same time. But im sure we will be fine because we endured alot alrdy. :) Aft every rain comes a rainbow so im sure our rainbow will be here soon. Hehe love him alotalot!!

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