Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Double happiness!

Spent 26,27,29 and 30 dec working at the bookshop with kh! 27th was additionally happy because we went kbox at 10mile for an hour! We bascially booked the room to give each other pleasure during that one hour, not even singing haha! That was an intense rubbing session. :p
Then for 29th and 30th we went to Somerset313 to settle my charging dock problem!
Today is the last day of 2014 and it concludes the whole year. It is a well-spent day with kh arnd Punggol!
We met at 10.10am at cwp, boarded 161 to Sengkang station because we decided to go Somerset313 to settle my charging dock problem! Then we headed to the curry restaurant opposite KOI at basement for lunch, quite nice hehe! Then we took the train all the way to punggol station! And took the lrt to Damai station! Walked to Punggol waterway park! We settled at the shelter but realized we didnt buy drinks and it was 1.45pm by then! So we walked back to opposite Damai lrt station and bought 1L greentea, a bottle of mineral water and 2 Ruffles chips! Walked back and decided to continue walking to see the scenery! We walked and walked till we reached Sunset bridge but it wasnt as pretty as what we had thought. Besides that, there wasnt a less crowded place to lay our mat, so we had to walk all the way back to Damai station because we decided to head to Punggol beach! By then, we were alrdy tired as fuck cos it was a like 2-3km route!!! Reached Punggol beach at like 4.30pm I guess! Then we explored abit! Quite pretty but there were alot of ppl! Settled at the end of the nature walk but there were like 5-6 stray dogs roaming arnd, so we decided to shift to the start of the beach, at the jetty! Wanted to catch the sunset tgt, but estimated time was 7.09pm which was quite late because we wanted to go back to the first place we settled down at Punggol waterway park. So we headed to board bus 84 back to opposite Damai station to buy our dinner! Then walked back to the shelter area but realized there were people! So we went uphill and settled down under a tree at 6.10pm sharp! Talked, touchtouch and played funrun tgt! Time passed super quickly haha! Then this time round he really rubbed me correctly because he was gentle and slow enough. Quite turned on! >< Then when the night starts to get darker like arnd 6.50pm, we started to get more intense. He was rubbing me until I couldn't let him stop cos the feeling was damn strong. But we stopped for a moment because there were people haha so we decided to have our packed charsiew rice for dinner! Aft im done eating, he asked me to turn arnd to face him. And he popped out with a ring which im wearing it on my hand now hehe. I was damn shocked so I did not express my feelings out haha trying to process!! then aft which I told him I craycray for his rub haha, so he rubbed me agn cos it was my first time saying I need it. >< Then helped him with his xiaohill also haha! Then we decided to go off since it was alrdy 8pm! Super tired by then! But I started tearing and crying when we came out of SengKang mrt station cos I was super upset that we couldnt have more time tgt aft today...Then I cried alot haha, xiasuey. >< But I really know he loves me alot now, and I love him alot too, might not be as much as his love for him. But I promise to be loyal to him because I really want us to work out. :) Then bus back to cwp on 161! Went to cwp for toilet and met his friend otw haha, so funny! Then we parted ways when 963 came! So here im, bathed and penning down the whole day!
It is a really memorable and meaningful day today. He makes me feel really really loved and he pampers me alot which made me feel very blessed. :) I will really try and make time out for him aft schl reopens. I know is hard because we have to juggle between distance and studies at the same time. But im sure we will be fine because we endured alot alrdy. :) Aft every rain comes a rainbow so im sure our rainbow will be here soon. Hehe love him alotalot!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Omgomg, me and kh is progressing like way too fast. Have been skyping him every night now, then video calling plus sexting like for a full day. >< Even video call to turn him on, wear sexy clothes hahaha. And omg, first phone sex till like 5am in the morning, trying to masturbate together. In the end failed cos took too long. Then we had our second phone sex ytd night like at 12am. Initiated by me haha! Success cos I was in the mood and I moaned a few times which turned him super on, so he reached orgasm at a shorter time and feel damn shiok. ><
Saw each other for bookshop work today, then he kept thinking about my moans hahaha. Then touch me everywhere secretly when we are working. ><
Then we waited for the double decker bus 190 for damn long cos we want privacy. Then while waiting at the bus stop, his naughty hands are at work agn, makes me so turned on. >< then while on the bus, we sat at the furthest back of the seat, continue turning each other on. He kept touching my stomach haha, then up my thighs near my xiaola. >< Then I tried running my fingers down his inner thighs and both of us throughout the journey was just giving each other pleasure hahaha. Then we went to somerset 313 to settle my phone, no solution damn sad. Then we went to Digital Funan Mall, every escalator he will wrap his arms arnd my stomach, so comfy and major turn on. >< Then we ya basically just physical as much as we could.
Went to somerset for EAT as dinner! Then KOI then waited for double decker 700/190 but dont have so we took double decker 972. But wtf somebody sat the furthest back seat so we damn pissed, no privacy. >< But he secretly touching my stomach all over and side thighs near the entrance of my shorts. >< He knew all my weak spots so is like every touch is targetted to make me feel turn on...then wtf things go haywire when the guy behind alighted. He literally rubbed me, at first through my shorts, but he went craycray and went into my shorts.... and at first my legs were still crossed, but I opened it slightly for his hands to enter aft that...then even requested him to go faster and he really went super fast, I even guide him to go which direction, up/down/left/right more. >< Then he was also super turned on but I couldnt give him pleasure... just putting my hands near his xiaohill hahaha. >< then he started to grab my boobs too, like really touching and slight massage. >< feels super turned on wtf. Then both of us really cannot take it. ><
Having kbox date with him aft work tmrw cos we wanna have some privacy. :p

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Back for another update!
Omg, my and kh really progressing too fast. >< We have been sexting each other since ytd night, omg, so shy. Like this is the first time a guy talked so much sexual stuff with me before, even more than Bryan!!!! Then the whole conver on 24/12 were abt masturbation, erection, turn-ons. >< I send him a photo of my legs then he became turned on, then continue sending diff angles one HAHA.
Then we skyped from 8+ till now like 12+am alrdy, literally phone sex ok. >< Then I got wet, omg so embarrassing. >< Waiting for my sister to sleep first so that I can skype him later in my tight tank top with his desired pose HAHA. We both admitted to each other that we were enjoying this sexting/phone sex thing cos it really satisfies our desires, so I guess it's fine? Cos we are just curious about each other hahaha, and he really said that he dares to rub me if I allow him to. Omg, I really feel like letting him rub me but it really feels wrong and awkward.... but I really think when the mood comes, we will do things to each other. Actually, I find it okay cos is just exploring each other, as long as we don't fuck each other, the rest shld be fine. Plus I trust that he loves me alot too, so is natural for him to have those desires. :) Hehe, just wanna turn him on now!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Yay work ended well! On sunday, 21/12, I went plaza for 18chef for dinner with aunt and sist, super nice!! Then headed home! Skyped kh at night hehe!
Monday went to fetch parents from airport back! But met kh in the morning at westspring cos he accompanied his cousin for registration! Talked to Miss Chang for 30min hehe still my fav teacher! Then we went to senjacashew cc for badminton, but they did not have suitable timing for the courts! So we went to blk 545 outdoor place to play! Played like 15min only cos shuttlecock too annoying HAHA. Then we sat down to chitchat for awhile, played with each other's fingers haha, tickling each other. Perfect slacking. :p then we walked to plaza for 18chefs! Super cheap, less than $6!!! Cheese baked rice for the first time, major love!! Then headed home to slp before heading to airport in the evening!
Tuesday, 23/12
Met kh at 11.45am at 163 for kkm! Wore the grey bossini shirt but he didnt wear, abit upset but it's okay! Cos the top was body fitting but loose on me, so it accentuated my boobs but quite low cut, so he was looking at them throughout the day haha, makes me shy. >< but hehe glad that he likes to see them, must impress with my figure more. :p then we took 960 aft lunch to bugis! Playing with our fingers secretly while sitting down and crossing arms haha.
Then we switched to mrt at bugis to expo! People were judging us in the mrt too cos I tried to use my finger to tickle him, laughing away madly!! Then we walked arnd expo, nth much! Didn't manage to get my usb wire cos my phone abit sot. But we found the mercury portable charger, major love!!!! <3 but didnt buy la. Then we walked from hall 5 to hall 1 to foyer for dbs atm machine haha! Held hands all the way hehe. Then the foyer 1 was super empty with couch. Like literally only security guards were thr. So we sat thr tickling each other, getting all physical. >< then I chained his hands with my bag, and let him suffer with my ticklings HAHA. He was turned on. :p then we walked to changi city point and sat in front of KOI while he ate, being all loveydovey physically haha! Then explored and found the arena, super nice cos quite windy and like green! Got swings somemore but were all taken!!! So we sat at one corner while talking dirty HAHA. Talking abt turning on. Then he touched my inner thighs, trying to make me turn on. >< he did it la, for the first time I really felt smth down thr. >< then on the bus back, he was trying to touch my inner thighs too, still put his hands in between my thighs for warmth HAHA. First time someone actually touched my thighs, so sensitive. >< then I fell asleep on his shoulders on 960!!
Basically whole day was just being physical with each other la. >< then skyped from 10.30pm to just now, like 12.10am! Before that we were texting, the whole conver was abt xiaohill and turning on each other HAHA so shy. Really love him la, qtpie. :p but I really enjoy his touches la, want him to touch more hehe, but he's quite shy so we have to slowly too, cos idw our basis of r/s to be abt physical too!
Hehe 2 more days till I see him for work, excited, cannot wait!! Hehe goodnight!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

YAY countdown, 2 more days to end of work!! Today worked from 1-6pm! Woke up early and had lunch with the sister at Redhill Hawker centre, famous chicken rice! Then ya fold clothes, stocked up and time passes very quickly! Rained when we were going home, so had to share my umbrella with kh! Ofc he is the one holding the umbrella haha, hands on my shoulders! He did smth so awkwardddd.
Like we were walking but his hands will always brush against my butt cos walking what! Then I scolded him for taking the chance to touch my butt haha, then he really hit my butt, in purpose wtf?!?! Haha then we were both laughing ridiculously cos I deesiao him with that.
Then MRT was super crowded and I had nth to hold on, so we were playing with our hands tgt. Hold his pinky so that I wont fall haha, then he held my whole hand and we kept playing with our fingers. Lied on his shoulders too, hehe comfy and the height is just nice. Really super sweet, just like how a couple would behave! Then on the train to cck, we were playing with each other's waist haha and crapped alot abt physical stuffs. People arnd us were judging, so paiseh. >< But hehe, truly felt very blessed and happy, really different from how I feel when Bryan touches me.
Gonna have breakfast with him tmrw, hehe looking forward to it! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So long didnt update here!
Dec holidays are very fulfilling hehe. Slack for first week of dec hol! Then start going redhill to work for bossini warehouse sales on the 11th! With kh ofc!! He will accompany me home everyday aft work hehe although taking 184 is inconvenient for him cos still has to change 963 then 964!
Getting really really close during these working days too cos we see each other from morning to night! Emotionally and physically! He ah, now starting to get touchy! While folding clothes, he will walk over and put his arm arnd my waist or just shoulder. Abit not used to it haha!
Ended everything with B, cannot stand his clinginess because it's really getting overboard. He insists in continuing just because of all the physical touch that I can satisfy him with. He doesnt sven treat me nicely. We will never ever get back tgt agn.
The closer I get with kh, the more im afraid to lose him...he is really close with eshir and tbh, I really hate it. The fact that he intiates to text her and not me...the fact that he can put all those emoji even aft I told him I dont like it. So he is willing to make me unhappy just to please her...
Although this 10 days, he is trying his best to not text her, distancing himself away from her. But I clearly know it's impossible. Once schl reopens, everything goes back to how it was and supposed to be next year. This 10 days is just a temporary commitment. I'm trying my best to trust him...
Today was his off day so I work alone! Meet him at JE cos he wants to accompany me for dinner! Went to eat hot tomato at westgate, first dinner in a restaurant tgt hehehe. Then walked arnd and mrt home! Haha, he always tries to tickle me now when we are on the escalator cos he knows that is my weak spot. ><
Tmrw will be working from 1-6pm yay! Shall sleep soon, so tired from work!!!!
Looking forward to the rest of dec hol cos we will be spending alot of time tgt aft bossini work ends! ^^

Monday, December 8, 2014

Back agn, it's been awhile since I last updatet this space.
Alot of things have changed. My feelings for B faded alot. Now I don't really know if we should carry on because I simply couldn't commit.
This holiday also brought me closer to kh, or at least we are meeting more often.
We went for our first gym date at cck gym, first Kbox session, first badminton session at woodlands gym, first Orchard library date, and soon working tgt agn, starting from this Thurs. Spending time with him is just very carefree without any stress and I enjoy every minute with him.
As compared to kh, spending time with B is alot more stressful because we do not have alot to talk about, or don't have much things we could do. Besides that, he tends to cuddle me whenever we meet, so meeting him feels more of a "touchy" session to satisfy both of our needs. There are emotional connections ofc, but ya he just couldn't take his hands off me. Not that I'm angry la. I do enjoy his touches but since I like him lesser now, it just gets abit umcomfy at times. He just doesn't give me the security that kh gives me. And anyway, mum is super pleased with kh though she hasn't meet him before hahaha. 
Moving onnnnn
Started getting close with Jerome nowadays. Started aft we attended the OGL briefing tgt cos we went to watch Aloy's soccer match against VJC thereafter. He started snapchatting me, whatsapp till 2am! Still in the midst of guessing if he is really interested in me like what Nicole and B told me. 
Went out with my Gail today! Met B in the late morning to RailMall for lunch! But it was too early at like 11am. So we shared a cup of chia tea at The Coffee Bean and chit-chatted! After that, we left at arnd 12.30 and went to the "playground" behind the RailMall. We also went up to the train track for some "touching". Then we went to EAT for our lunch! Boarded 178 to JE to meet my Gail! She accompanied me to watch Mockingjay part 1 although she watched it before alrdy. It was really nice, major love!! By the time we come out, it's already 4.30pm, walked arnd and she told me abt her Shanghai Trip while we shopped at MIYOC at Jcube! Then headed to Ipuddo for her dinner. Talked abt Nicole over dinner, was really upset that I started tearing up twice because I really don't know what I can do to help her...
Really blessed to have her as my friend because she is as of now, my only true friend whom I can count on regardless what (excluding kh). So I was really upset to know that she has been hurting herself. Breaks my heart to see all the cuts on her arms. So Gail and I talked abt mental conditions like depression for a long time! Am glad to have her as my friend too, she's very good at giving advices and making me smile. :)
Home for dinner and yup, reading up on some enews, hopefully I can slp earlier tonight!