Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another update!

No school today and tmrw cos no OP!
Did abit of I&R before heading to Gail's house at 2.30pm!
Reached at 3pm and started playing Dance Central, played with emma. Left her house for Hot Tomato at cwp at arnd 6.30pm! Took the bus at 8.20pm sharp. Alighted a stop before the usual one to take a walk with B. Walked towards bpps that route to near Gate A. With our hands holded. I feel blessed and happy now. :)
Silent night, wet floor. We tested hugging too. He lifted me up which doesnt work haha! As usual, we walked to HDB stairs to hug, but a woman walked past so we had to stop. We walked to blk 148 and climbed up to a story higher whr nobody is able to walk past and judge us. We hugged intensely. His hands arnd my waist, simply love that feeling. It turns me on tbh, even now that I think abt it. As usual, he doesnt want to let me go. He said he could feel my heartbeat, beating very fast. He still loves backhugs the most cos aft hugging, he gave me a backhug, kissed me on by neck. I love backhugs cos his hands are totally wraped arnd my waist. Wanted to take a photo but too hard. So forget it. Aft we are done, we went separate ways back home!
He's turning me into a "touchy" person. Honestly speaking, I want him to hug me aft ytd's hug. I just like him to touch me, esp waist. Staircase hugging isnt a bad thing cos although is secretive, that secretive makes me feel even more turned on. But I hate that we couldnt hug properly and had to rush. Just wanna sit down and cuddle with him. For a long long time. Without feeling stress. Just want him to continue touching me. ><
And I'm hoping to turn him on whenever we hug. :p

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