Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Done my OP today, like finallyyyy. Aft so many weeks of toture from wr and practices for OP. Everything is coming to an end soon on Friday, aft submission of GPF. Cant wait!! OP was alright I guess, everything just went past super quickly.
Got released at 12sharp and headed straight home! Gail had a talk with Bryan abt the confession.
Went home to slp for an hour and met Bryan in his condo at 3.30pm! Went to the cafe to do I&R till arnd 5.15pm and we went to slack arnd his condo. Had heart to heart talk like we usually do. Talked abt why he likes me so much, how much he wants to be tgt with me. And ofc my stand of not being tgt. We got very close tgt physically. Went to play the swing when he let loose. He wanted to touch me but was controlling very hard. So the swing gave him an excuse to touch my waist. For a short while. And we walked and walked. Sat in front of the pool and we talked dirty. He told him whenever he sees me, he is always getting an erection, just that he is controlling. Asked me if I did feel his dick whenever he hugs me. Haha and he told me his fantasies with me too. Basically just a talk abt dirty stuffs. But this means that we are close at a whole new level. I feel more comfortable than before. I feel happy.
At arnd 7.34pm I wanted to go home so we started walking. He offered to hold my hands, so we walked while holding hands which is very sweet. We decided to walk one more round before sending me home. But I started saying abt hugs and our height difference. So we decided to try the "steps hugging". So difficult to find a corner without anyone but with steps so that we can hug. So ended up going to staircase at some block.
So we hugged. His hands wrapping around my waist, gentle yet tightly. He couldnt get enough of it/me. So we hugged for super long. Released alrdy but him hugging me from the back, not wanting to let go. Saying I love you to me and sniffing my hair. Kissing my neck. I love his hands on my waist. I just feel very comfortable. But I hate how we have to do it in staircases or with steps cos we couldn't hug as and when we like...so when we were done we walked out and hugged at the carpark stairs, perfect!!!! But saw his dad while walking out to the back gate which was a fucking shock hahaha.
Overally today was a happy day. I kinda like him touching me now. Like my hair, my arms, especially my waist, major love!!! I hope we can hug longer in future, without stress. Like just long cuddles. I enjoy turning him on now haha. Looking forward to our next huggg which I cannot wait for alrdy. ><

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