Saturday, November 8, 2014


Way past midnight, it's 9nov now!
So 7nov, went back to schl at 9am to submit I&R. Dismissed at 9.45, way too early. So went home to bathe and rest for awhile while meghana, gail and nicole went to B's house to slack! I went thr at 11.45am, watched OITNB with Nicole. Nicole and I went to 163 to have my lunch before heading to plaza! Met them and went back to schl for results.
Did expect Nicole to retain but when it  really happens, is another feeling all tgt...
Nicole, fatin, syafiqah, salina.
The 4 in our class who played a role in creating 14A06, love them so much.
Cried alot in schl, couldn't bear to let Nicole retain...
The only friendship that I've became so emotionally attached to. My pillar support. My happy pill.
Went home and packed my tables. Shifted my bed. Went to meet B aft dinner for a walk. Weather was good because it just rained. Drizzled a little when we start walking. So we left his condo and went to blk 152+ to sit and talk for awhile. Decided to walk agn since the weather was good. Cos it was drizzling so it was very quiet and dark. Walked arnd the blocks, past the 7-11. To the stairs leading to ten mile. Since there werent ppl arnd, we hugged, quite long.He carried me haha!
Once he start touching me, everything goes haywire. ><
While walking home, we stopped at blk 148 stairs to hug agn. I thought he was done just now. But no haha. So we continued hugging. This time round was really the most intense. Because his hands was all over my body. While hugging, he did ask me if he was too touchy. Touching me too much or too many times. I said it was fine. I enjoyed him touching me haha. He slide his hands all over my back while tightening his grip on my waist. Touched my arms and hands.
Ofc we must end it off with his fav backhug.
Everytime he touches me, I am turned on. I really do like him touching me. Everywhere. The more the better. The longer the better. Just exceptionally likes it on my waist. I want him to caress me more. I should probably touch him more to let him know that I like it, if not he wouldnt dare to touch me too, haha!

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