Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Extended curriculum

Extended curriculum has been ongoing for the past 3 days. Quite boring! Only econs is helpful! Had my OGL meeting ytd, screwed it up. Hoping that I will still get in, *fingers crossed. :(
Pon this morning's first lecture: GP.
But still woke up at 7.30am and headed to B's house! Abit unusual cos this is the first time im in his house at such early timing.
Slacked and cuddled on his sofa while watching his YouTube videos! Cuddling wasn't what I have expected, or maybe not to his expectations too haha. Alot of awkward positions. >< but ok la lied on his lap with a pillow on top.
Towards the end was better cos I think that he is quite disappointed for wasting so much time. Like from 8-9.30am he didnt get to touch me alot. So like the last half hour he couldn't take it anymore.
Hold me at my waist while I was tying hair. Pulled me and sat on his lap on the sofa while I was wearing skirt.
Sat behind me on the sofa, like literally me in between his legs, awkward. ><
Hope these turned him on. :p but still, shld have more cuddling sessions cos we both love it but he doesnt know I love it, so I shld initiate more haha!
But still was hoping to go his house tmrw aft 11am, but his grandma will be going his house, sad. :(

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