Saturday, August 9, 2014


Just randomly updating stuffs here!
Went to pj's PVP event last saturday, 02/08! Not really fun, just another mini gathering with nicole and bryan! Haunted house was fun though, unforgettable! ;)
Went with the two of them as well as yongle! Screamed so much, like omg. >< abit weird also cos that was the first time I had such close contact with bryan. >< he was basically hugging me as we walked slowly, but still thankful for him! :)
Then we had badminton session on 08/08 since we were dismissed early from school! Played for an hour only before we sat down and talked. Listened to Nicole's story for 1h, like at 7pm. The ambience was good, atmosphere was good. Breeze and night with great company. Enjoying every second at that point of time. So blessed whenever im with the two of them. :) then hit on the gym ytd, 09/08 with Bryan at his condo! Abit weird cos there's only the two of us. But I still enjoyed it nevertheless! Sweated quite abit, shiokkk. ^^ he walked me home afterwards. :) little actions that made me feel touched...we had a talk from 11pm till 3am last night. Like omg, longest talk ever for us. Told him more about kh while kindda confirm his feelings for me. Idk if im ready to know because he still hasnt confessed yet. Idw to rush things out. Neither am I confident to enter a r/s with such a dilemma...
His words ytd made me feel that im special, yet at the same time I had to think of kh, tgt with bryan's closeness with other girls as well as how different we are in terms of communication. But now, everything hasnt confirm yet. Maybe he's just infatuating me, so I shld focus on promos, arnd 38days more I guess? >< hope to promote up tgt with nicole and bryan, like super major wish. :(

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