Thursday, August 21, 2014


Just came back from school an hour ago at like 9.30pm. So tired. Stayed back with Nicole and B for night study! Not vwry productive though. But it's okay. Nicole cried alot today, heartpain to see her this way.
But point is..
While walking home from 190 bus stop, B asked me how I felt after his confession. I told him shocked at first cos of the timing and then feeling more of okay now because we were not very awkward and are still communicating well! Talked abt how our classmates were making fun of us, and realizing that he likes me. He always observe me in class during lessons, thats why it's obvious. He told me he subconsciously turned to look at me...
Know that im tired, told him I will fall sick soon at this rate im going. He told me that I cannot miss schl cos he will miss me. Nobody goes home with me. So I said "making use of me to go home with you only la" and his reply "finding an excuse la" haha, qtpie. He said "I love you" twice today, dont know if he really meant it cos he said it in a somewhat joking tone. And then....when we reached my void deck, he said "hug me" and before I could even respond, he hugged me..shocked of my life like srsly. Totally not expecting it at all...our skinship is really getting out of control!!!! Idk if thats good or bad. It suddenly gave me the feeling of him wanting to do as much skinship with me as possible. >< but I dont doubt his feelings cos I can still tell from his actions! Is just that at this rate we are going, im 90% sure that we will end up in a relationship. It is only the matter of time...

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