Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Time is really zooming past like so quickly...left approximately a little less than 1 month to start of promos. I haven even start any revision for any subjects yet, omg, panic attackkkk.
But I believe when time comes, everything will work its way out. Trying to be more calm and worry less!!
On a side note, I received a confession from Bryan on 18/08! We had our lit test and left school at 7.30pm! Went home with both of them and ya as usual B and I walked home. He did not mention anything while walking. But the moment I stepped into the house, my phone rang. A call from him. Wondering if he had forgotten to pass me anything since we parted less than 5min ago...and no...
He said "Joyce, I had a problem." and im like "ya what". And he went "I like you"
Was so shocked because im totally not expecting it...asked him if he was being serious and he replied with a yes. Told him to talk after he reached home. And so ya, we started to talk through text. But I still cannot believe that he made this confession at this timing when promos are starting...i thought he would have at least waited till the end of promos. 2 days of interaction after his confession, nth have changed! Except that I feel abit more awkward? But ok la still enjoying his presence though! :)
Stayed for consultation with nicole after our chinese mock at 6pm! She consulted ms geri about her eom! Thought it would take fast, but they ended up talking abt Nicole's studies. B came and joined us aft his fun dance! We left for a moment to charge Nicole's lappy while Nicole had a talk with ms geri. I ended up crying when we went back because I was really upset with the fact that Nicole has a possibility of retaining... Cried so badly in front of B and Nicole. >< but ya, they comforted me!! Really hoping Nicole can promote with us, like really, seriously....

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