Saturday, August 23, 2014


Shortshort update before I fell asleep, on bed with the lights off alrdy!
Went out to plaza mac to study with B today! Met at 10.10am under my void deck! Nicole reached at like 11.20 and left at 12.30pm for church! Did math within that 2h! Continued with lit aft that and had our lunch at food court! B was so funny and amusing! He wanted to help me to buy 手功面but didnt hear me quite well at first. So he came back and asked sotong noodle? HAHA canot take it! Aft that he suggested going to his house to do hmwrk since it's raining and we had nowhere to go. Felt a little weird and awkward at first...because this is the first time im going to a guy's house..going to B's house alone... He called back and his parents agreed! We studied in the dining room with Bridgette! Did some econs drawings from 3-4.45, thereabout! Stood up and stayed at the living room for awhile, looking out from his balcony. Nice view! And saw how comfortable he is with me, felt quite happy. :) went to his room at like 5.45pm and we stayed inside to have a h2h talk till 7.15pm. Talked abt how I feel that his feelings for me are temporary, unsure and uncertain. Talked abt me and kh. Talked abt carina and him. Most importantly, we shared our views on us entering a r/s. Abt what he sees in me. The mood was that perfect. Dark room, raining outside. Just me and him, in his room, having a sincere talk with each other. I feel really comfortable. He showed me his collection of self written love poems, explaining alot of them to me. Made alot of sense and is very meaningful. Again, he is so comfortable with me that he doesnt care abt his image. I love seeing how comfortable he is with me. :) talked alot abt our physical contact and the speed we are progressing now. I hope that he can get to know me more in the shortest time possible because I genuinely hope that we will work out...but ya still looking forward to more of our adventures! ;)
Oh and he sent me home, and we hugged the second time. Actually it was a genuine hug from me today, cos I really did hug him, not halfheartedly. Can say that im liking our physical contact, but im just hoping more of his understanding for me asap! :)

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