Monday, July 28, 2014


Such a happy day today, need to pen this down so that I can read back and feel blessed!
Went to BBCC to study with Bryan for the past two weekends! On 25th july we were not productive. So went to jcube to find Nicole who's doing her pw survey thr! Helped her complete 14 copies as bryan and I slacked at the ice skating rink! Quite a pleasant day! Today we met at 12pm at railmall's subway to do work! End up not really productive, but still managed to complete some work!! :) after which, we went to bryan's house to play badminton at arnd 5pm! Carol and his sister joined us too! Had alot of laughter and fun today because with both of them arnd, I can nvr ever dont laugh! So blessed to have them with me for jc days. :) cant wait to have more fun with them for the rest of the 2years and hopefully be super close aft jc too!! ^^
Bryan's unconfirmed infatuation sort of shocked me. Idk what to say. Although his actions did make me expect that he is infatuated with me, it is still really surprising when he admits it to Nicole. Be it confirmed or unconfirmed. Really curious what they talked abt this afternoon while im away!! Also witnessed a new side of him today. Witnessing how loving and caring he is towards his younger sister is a whole new experience. Haha no wonder he is so good with girls.
He's certainly the type who has boyfr qualities and material, but I know that we are impossible. But tbh, im really curious as to how he will treat his girlfr in future..
Nevertheless, Nicole and Bryan definitely make my school days more fun and tolerable!! Not dreading school as much and am looking forward to going to schl everyday. ^^

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