Sunday, August 17, 2014


Why am I feeling this way
Why am I caring more abt bryan than I shld
I know that he's still unsure of his feelings for me. Idw to rush things out with him.
I only want to hear his confession when he is really really super sure and confident that he likes me.
Idw him to feel obliged to confession
Im enjoying his company and presence each day in school/outside school.
I find myself wanting to spend more time with him, wanting to understand him more
I know I shouldn't, but I cant control myself...
GET MY PRIORITIES RIGHT. Not that this affected me alot, but it is just distracting sometimes...for example now. Studying econs turn into a blogging session. ><
Idk what is on his mind. He is infatuated but fickleminded. Yet, his actions seemed to convey some ytd for example. All the physical contact made, I cant even. >< he can grab my waist that naturally..does he do that to any girl that he is close to? Really makes me insecure. ><

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