Saturday, June 28, 2014

June holidays.

Holidays ending tmrw with exams for 4 days and im so done with MYE! ^^
Great end to the holidays by meeting up with da gang for dinner! <3 Also somehow confessed my feelings and talk it out with kh, feel so relieved and happy! :) although I am not very sure of my feelings, I certainly feel myself changing! Although I might not have confidence, I believe he would give me the confidence that I need. :) I will trust my gut feelings and have trust in him. But we promised to let nature take its course! Even if we did not end up tgt ultimately, I am still glad to have him by my side for the past 4 years! Really starting to wonder what will become of us aft our Alevels exams, cant wait!!! ><
Meanwhile, im pretty excited for tfios movie date with him aft our mye, hopefully on youth day if we both can make it, hehe. :p
Study time for now!! ^^

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