Sunday, May 11, 2014


It has been 3months plus since school starts. This few weeks were tedious and tiring with tests after tests, makeup lessons after makeup lessons. Not forgetting homeworks, PW and college day rehearsal. Really dont know why and how others can have so much life during weekends. Couldnt comprehend their attitude towards learning. Not like they dont deserve to have life, but for people who are weak in their studies, shouldn't they be focusing more on studies? Yet again, people who are smart can definitely afford to have more fun during weekends! Trying fucking hard to study hard right now, making sure im able to do well for every test and mye thats coming up. Although it's tedious now, at least I wont regret when I look back next time. :) yes, I do not have a fun life and are always studying, but I do not want to risk having fun now and regret later! Afterall, it's my results and future!
Mother's Day today, went to JEM for dinner at DingTaiFeng! Nice and yummy dinner, loveeeee. :D walked arnd! Always being tempted into buying clothes, want to keep up with fashion trend so badly. Want to buy contact lens so badly. :( H&M have so many affordable and pretty clothes!!! I'm so gonna work very hard aft Alevels end, earn alot of money and spent like crazy!!! Abit too early to talk abt the end of Alevels now, but really cant wait to shop!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping my JC life will be a fruitful one with fun and laughter alongside studying hard!! :)

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