Friday, February 21, 2014


Actual lessons have alrdy began a week ago. So far so good, just that I have to get used to the lecture style of teaching! My class is getting quite bonded and I really truly love my class except for a minority of ppl! :) Adli baked cookies on Vday for the class, nice to eat and sweet hehe. ^^ Bryan gave us a stalk of rose each too! Glenna prepared sweets and chocolate! How sweet can my classmates be!! ^^ New transferred student joined our class ytd, dont really fancy her...I have been enjoying all my lectures thus fun, esp econs! :) Hope everything goes smoothly! Went to queenstown today with mummy! She bought a pair of Nike shoes while I bought 2 fbts, 5pairs of sock and clay mask! Hope that the clay mask works for me considering the rave abt it! :) mum also bought me my jansport bag and 2 pair of rubi shoes previously! Loving and cherishing everything and everyone in my life so far, so blessed!! :) Nicole and rachel are good company of friends in sch, enjoy their presence! To more fun experiences and journey along the 2 years of jc life hehe. :D will update this space agn soon!!

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