Sunday, February 9, 2014

New school, new beginning.

School has officially started as of 6feb. Reported at 7.30am with Melissa and was posted to MG32. Awkward with absolutely no one that I know of in the group. Had talks almost the entire day with some intro and ice breaking games within the group. Matriculation day 2, familiarized with ppl in my grp but still no actual conversations. >< went for intro lectures of various subjects as well as school tour. Oh and learning some of the pj cheers. :) ended the day well! Tmr will be matriculation day 3 with more bonding session and CCA day as well! Hoping to join a cca which can change my personality a little...throughout these 2 days, I have came to like pj! The J2s and my MGLs are friendly and helpful. Pj spirit is also thr, so bonded as a whole! Everyone seems to be happy and cheerful! So I hope on Wednesday when in the orientation group, im able to make friends with several ppl and enjoy my JC life! :) I wish to record every bits of my jc life, esp the beginning so that I can recall go see how I have made friends with my future best friends! Back for more updates next weekend! ^^

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