Monday, January 7, 2013


Long time since I updated! Hasn't really gotten used to updating oftently. Moreover, I've got no time recently. :( Currently, it's the fourth day of schl since reopening. I'm feeling deadbeat from all the lessons everyday..Hmwrk is piling up every now and then, kinda afraid that I'm not able to cope with the stress and all. >< Really wonder how I'm going to take it till term 3 when it's only week 1 now. :x I guess I just have to accept it and do my best for the next 9months or so? :) Oh and anyway, I went to LEGOLAND in Malaysia ytd with Aihui, Angeline, Frank, Ben and 4th aunt! The sun's thr is like freaking hot, like srsly scorching hot. I'm burnt by the sun now!! >< Not very fun though, just a place worth taking photos! That's abt it now! Shall be back soon with the update of SP open house tmrw and more. :D

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