Monday, December 10, 2012

School Holidays. :)

Omg, didn't update for so long!! Have been going to aunt's house for 3 consecutive Saturdays. :x Aunt's house=mahjong session. :p Caught Ah boys to men ytd with mummy and 3rd aunt ytd. Movie tickets for GV is so ex, omg. Student price costs 7$ whilst normal adult costs 8.50$! Quite a nice movie with funny moments, haha! Starting all the official tuitions this Thursday! Oh and this means schl is starting soon, like 2 more weeks of holidays? And omg, taobao/gmarket/all the fleas ongoing are so tempting..Feel like going this Saturday's OSF flea, but tuition ends at 3pm. :( & also this Sunday's Aschincans + other blogshops flea, but seems like Weien they all also going, I don't wish to bump into them, considering the fact that I've nobody to accompany me, face screwed and also no proper clothes to wear. :( Super sad..still contemplating whether I shld go or not! Ok bye!

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