Sunday, December 2, 2012


Omg, blogging still hasn't become my habit, this is bad. :( But anyway, I've been doing productive stuffs at home: Amath practices! Ok, sound so study freak/nerd. But whatever. If it improves my overall results and ranking and ofc Olvl, I don't give a damn abt those names. :) Hope this motivation continues. >< Hmm and oh, I went to aunt's house for 3-4h of mahjong. Hahahaha, so shiok! :p I am sleeping soon though it is only 10.30pm exactly. :/ Sleep early and have prettypretty skin. *wink But I'm so tempted now by all the blogshopping for the past 30min. Hais, so sad. All my classmates buy whatever they like be it online or not. So jealous..Told myself not to be tempted/jealous etc, but y'know..I am a human too. Nonetheless, I still tell myself I will wait till aft olvls. :) All these are insignificant compared to my olvl!! Hehe, such a self-motivated girl! Alright, goodnight!

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