Saturday, November 24, 2012


Bitch pls, I really wonder why do you exist in the world. Srsly, though this sounds really bad, but to you, such a bitch, it is really considered humane for me to say such words. You think you very big?! Why must our family suffer because of you? Why do I need to tolerate your nonsense? Why do my mum have to serve the 3 of you, or rather 2 like a maid? No, maid is the wrong term. Maid does get their monthly pay and rest. But my mum? No pay nor rest for the whole entire year. Wtf is this logic? All your dad does is to go out work, come back eat and slp. Doesn't even help to iron all the clothes. Hello? 3/4 of the clothes that require ironing belongs to you and your freaking dad. What's more? My mum serves the two of you until this manner alrdy. How do your repay us? By complaining over and over agn. If you really want to study in peace, then jolly well leave by yourself with your stupid dad. Don't live with us pls. I don't fucking own you a living. We don't need the fucking house of yours. You think you rich very big? We have our own house. Pls be reminded that the one who suggested to live tgt is your dad. Pls get the facts right into your fucking ass brain. Don't fucking bully us. We don't say anything and tolerate for this 3 years doesn't mean we are scared of you. Fucking bitch. You don't even belong to the bitch category. At least dogs are useful and loyal to humans. You? Not even a least bit useful to the Earth. -.- Waste all my energy to type all this shit for you. FUCKER.

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