Saturday, June 15, 2013

Os worries.

New post up again! :) Short one will do! Aft tuition today, I went home to have mahjong sessions with  Franklin. Aftermath, we went down to have zichar with Frank, his mum, Huan Ran with his dad and brother! Had a good chat aft dinner with Huan Ran abt JC/army/schl life. :) He also coached me some AM topics for 1 hour! He's very sociable and easy to approach, making it easier for me to talk with him though we have a 6-7 years gap! I like how sociable he can be, and his maturity! If only I could be this sociable... I would have more friends now. >< Yup, so the point here is that I really hope and want to get As for both of maths. Hoping that all my hard work will pay off by prelim 2, latest? >< Really have no confidence now. /: Last final 2-3 months, and I'm ready to embark on the O's journey!!! Nervous and afraid. Fightinggggggggg. :D

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