Thursday, October 2, 2014


Lit was the last paper which ended at 4pm! Headed to J10 with the three for dinner and went to Gail's house to play with emma, qtpie!! Reached home quite late, arnd 9pm+!
No paper so no school! Went out to study with kh although I have ended my promos! Met him but I was really upset cos he was texting eshir for the entire morning till 12pm when I asked him why he can ttyl me when he's studying but not ttyl to her. Im angry and pissed. But ya..
No paper no school! First proper shopping date with Gail, hehehe. ^^ met her at JEM at 10am for brunch at Marche. Had saugage and scrambled egg crepe with a cup of coffee. Food was nice and the ambience was good, totally loving it! Had alot of talkings done with Gail! Went to ION and started shopping from 1-3pm! Called N and B to meet at Gail's house thereafter! But emma had to leave when we reached. So we played rockband with gail and her brother! Nicole havent reach so I went down to fetch her so that we could have a talk! Got the shock of my life when we were abt to go back to Gail's house. Saw eshir walking down the long flight of stairs in front of her block while we were walking up...i turned away and told nicole. We then followed her all the way to cwp. She seemed to recognize me. We went to library building to the second floor so that I can look down and check if she's going to meet kh in the library. Waited for 20min but didnt see her. Scanned the second floor in the library and found them, along with the other john guy. Was really disappointed to witness that scene though. Nicole was really angry too. But we went back to gail's house and played rockband. FUNNNN.
We headed to cwp for Hot Tomato for dinner at 7pm! Food was damn nice hehe! Reached home at 9.30pm! Was damn tired to party for 3days consecutively!
Went to JEM din tai fung for mummy's belated birthday dinner. Quality family time that I enjoy with good food hehe so blessed!!
First kbox session with friends, the 3!! Sang all the popz songs haha likea club! We headed to J10 aft our class ends at 4pm! Sang till 7! Srsly fun hehe! Then headed to some BBQ chicken restaurant for dinner, fishnchips. Not really nice and quite expensive. Wouldnt return to dine agn. Walked home with bryan aft parting with N and G. The walk home was silent...i really dislike how we have become aft our split. Really hope we can return back to how we used to be...

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